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Beyond Limitations

We go on a massive journey to explore what is the limit of human potential, and more importantly is there an actual one? The remarkable true stories of individuals who seem to defy all logic and natural laws of the physical and prove that human beings can actually go... Beyond Limitations.

A Thorn

When Rose (13), invites her best friend Angie (12), to break in to the house of her mother’s boyfriend Steve, all she hopes to find is some money to help Angie not to be evicted from her home. Unfortunately things do not turn out that simple, and the girls lives are changed forever. “A Thorn” shows us how easily a seemingly simple idea can get out of hand and turn into a devastating situation. It also demonstrates the strength of a teenage “best friends” relationship.


Impact is an inspiring movie about three people who embark on a personal journey to transform the way they communicate. On their quest to impact the world, they discover their superpowers.

Mermaid, revolution against Microplastic

"Flying"- Music Video By Amy Barbera

"Get ready to fly with singer-songwriter Amy Barbera as you watch her heavenly "Flying" music she takes you on a journey to the sky, through the clouds and into space dancing on the stars! Amy wrote her heavenly song "Flying" to bring comfort, peace and rest to all who listen. We all have times in our lives when we just want to fly far, far away from here and be at rest and this is exactly what Amy's song and music video is about. Amy prays that her breathtaking and otherworldly music video sets your heart, soul and spirit free to fly! "Oh, that I had wings like a dove; for then I would fly away and be at rest" ~ Psalm 55:6 "FLYING" - Song & Music Video Credits Music By: Doug Hammer (Doug Hammer Composed, Arranged, Performed & Produced) Lyrics & Vocal Arrangement By: Amy Barbera Background Vocals Arranged By: Ben Bagby Viola & Strings By: Ben Bagby Copyright 2015 Doug Hammer (ASCAP) & Amy Barbera (BMI) Music Video Produced & Directed By: Ben Bagby @ BensMediaWorks Music Video Creative Director: Amy Barbera Editing By Ben Bagby & Amy Barbera Production Assistants: Elisa Bark & April Anselona Hair & Wardrobe Stylist: Amy Barbera Makeup By: April Anselona Filmed On Location At "Diversity Performing Arts Center" Lauderhill, Florida "FLYING"- Lyrics I Am Flying, Flying, Flying High I'm Soaring, Flying High I Am Soaring, Soaring, Soaring Free I'm Flying, Soaring Free I Am Flying, Soaring, Flying I Am Soaring, Flying High I Can See The Angels All Around Me In The Sky I Can Touch The Soft Clouds In This Paradise I Can Feel God's Warm Light Surround Me In This Dream, I Don't Want To Leave I Can Feel A Peace, Like I've Never Known I Am Flying, Flying, Flying High I'm Soaring, Flying High I Am Soaring, Flying Free I'm Flying High, I'm Soaring Free I'm At Peace."

3 AM

Two childhood best friends, reluctantly meet at at Japanese restaurant at 3AM, as they try to avoid discussing their toxic and deteriorating friendship.

Cage : Between Two Battles

"Cage is the story of the transformation of a nationalist and macho man, defeated by the system, trying to heal the traumas of the war in his soul with other wounds, in the graveyard of the orphans, against the backdrop of a misty, cold and poor Istanbul. Burak, who grew up in orphanages, is a former MMA cage fighter who lost his squad in the region where he voluntarily went during his compulsory military service and became a veteran by being injured on his face. Returning is not easy for him as he experiences post-traumatic stress disorder. He is thrown into loneliness and cannot establish a healthy relationship with himself or the outside world. Society does not show him the respect he thinks he deserves. Burak, who cannot hold on to life, withdraws himself by avoiding everything about war, violence and struggle, leaving his cage-fighting career completely and moving away from that environment. He is experiencing economic difficulties and tries to continue his life by trying to sell the cats he breeds in cages. Burak lives in a hovel in a poor neighborhood with his friend Veysi from the orphanage. Veysi is a grumpy dwarf who plays small roles in series and movies but has great ideals. Burak's lover Ahenk is a young woman who is a dancer and choreographer. She has a long and troubled relationship with Burak. Ahenk complains of the disorder and irresponsibility of Burak. Burak does not want Ahenk to dance. One day, all breed cats of Burak, except one, die as a result of an infection. They cannot pay their accrued rent debts and become homeless with Veysi. As a last resort, they take refuge in the fight club of Cemal, Burak's former coach. Cemal tries to persuade Burak, who does not want to participate in cage fights, to participate in an exhibition fight, but he does not accept this fight despite the difficult conditions he is in, but Burak feels humiliated when Ahenk sends him money to help him and accepts the fight. The system pushed Burak to the battlefields again. Although this fight is a simple exhibition match, it goes very harshly. During the fight, his opponent Ertan dies from a heart attack. Burak, who thinks he caused Ertan's death and feels a great deal of remorse, finds out that Ertan has a 13-year-old daughter named Defne, who is now an orphan. In order to become a foster family for the girl, Burak and Ahenk get married, legal procedures are overcome, and they become a foster family for Defne. Although Burak is normally a Category B fighter, he decides to participate in category an extremely dangerous cage fights to offer a good future to Defne, who does not know the truth about her Father's death. Burak, who finds his purpose, starts to respect Ahenk's purpose and effort in her dancing career. He has difficulties convincing the fight organizer to participate in fights. Burak's path, who had no choice but to look for what the war destroyed on the battlefields, will be full of disappointments again. People who have to make money off their bodies. A dancer who is a woman's rights advocate, a little dwarf who's an extra, but never gives up on his big dreams, an orphaned girl who feels the truth, but has no choice but to run away from it, and in the midst of it all, a broken ex-fighter who has no choice but to make way for the dead ends where the system is pushing him."


A young model recounts her meeting with a photographer, with whom she will live a love story. She becomes his muse. We discover the photographic work of this man who will strain their relationship and turn it into oppression.


Ali, to avoid the early marriage of his sister Narghes, has to pay a debt.

The Only One In Time

When Ben, a young college student, discovers time travel; his college professor is mysteriously murdered. Ben has to travel back in time to discover the shocking truth about the professor’s death.


The manatee is Florida’s state marine mammal, and its likeness is found all over the state–from murals and license plates to tourist shops and attractions. But the manatees' habitat along the east coast of Florida is dying. Over 95% of the seagrasses in the Indian River Lagoon has died out due to a tragic confluence of events: huge amounts of wastewater from a growing suburban and urban population; fertilizer runoff feeding toxic algae and creating deadly blooms; aggressive commercial fishing, and increased use of the waterways for boating and other recreational activities. Fish levels are down. Plant life is at record low amounts. The manatees are dying. Experts estimate there are fewer than 8,000 manatees still alive in Florida, down more than 15% from just two years ago. More than 2,000 manatees have died in recent years. One third of all Florida manatees live in the Indian River Lagoon and many of these manatees are starving….to death. Scientists are discovering emaciated corpses and, even more disturbing, bone graveyards filled with thousands of bones. The aquatic grasslands that once fed tens of thousands of manatees are now gone. Instead of a lush pasture under the water’s surface, it is a desert; a moonscape where little life can survive. Entire shorelines are covered with the final remains of Florida’s most iconic creature. And as the manatee goes, so does the entire ecosystem. The Riverside Conservancy is on a mission. Its team of experts are striving to save the Indian River Lagoon and its most famous resident. Their scientists, conservationists, and committed volunteers work to document the failing health of the ecosystem, support manatee rescues, map locations of concern, engage local and state officials on action items, and restore the estuary to what it once was.

Manifesting the Hidden

Set on the Pacific coastline, Manifesting the Hidden is a dance for camera work in which contemporary, contact, improvisational dance is intertwined with aikido movements, in a quest to find the universal elements within. The movements and creatures of the ocean are echoed in the movements and struggles of the dancers. The parallels created reveal the connections we have to this often unseen world.

Forest Under Stress

In a forest plagued by drought, a group of mycelia fungi struggle to provide nutrients and moisture to a desperate root system, which affects the entire terrestrial story. Forest Under Stress is a short film about about Rachel Hall, an advocate for the southern Oregon forest, and the diminishing annual water supply that adversely affects root systems.

Dreams of the Collective

Journey into the mind of the collective unconscious, as dreams are explored and the nature of reality is questioned. Will we ever know what dogs dream? Thought may give experience its name, but the knowing is shared.

The Incident

A little girl, who can see the supernatural, is rescued by her grandmother from a dangerous situation.

Socorristas : Fighting for abortion rights

2018-2020: As Argentina is shaken by a historic debate over the legalization of abortion, we follow the Socorristas. Despite the prohibitions, these activists help other women by phone to have an abortion. They are discreet and tender, but when they go out in the streets to demonstrate, they are flamboyant and joyful, eager to bring abortion out of clandestinity. Between light and shadow, carried by the collective, they fight to emancipate women. Anchored in the Argentine reality, their fight is also timeless, for the freedom of the body and autonomy.

Pluto's On Fire

Gem, a young high school student, connects with an old friend after she decides she's had enough of Friday nights in the smoke shed.

Between us

"Between Us" is the feature film debut in the genre of a psychological thriller. History tells of the choice that has to be made between loved ones and morality when there is no other option for development. The two main characters of the film - Sasha and Anya are forced to make this choice: Sasha in relation to her own husband, Anya in relation to her son. The drama of the situation is exacerbated when they are involved in crime.


Serena Alston Guerini's married life had been uneventful. Living on her family's idyllic Tuscan wine estate, she devoted herself to her only child and to the piano, allowing her husband Massimo to occupy the limelight. The platonic love she received from an old school friend, Claudio, consoled her as Massimo grew more and more distant, focused entirely on the business and local politics. As Serena's ambition to become a professional pianist develops, her life explodes. Massimo becomes fiercely resentful and violent. When Claudio reveals his duplicity, Serena is truly alone, with no one left to trust. She is at a crossroads, suddenly aware that her future lies in her own hands. Her life is in pieces. Should she preserve all that matters to her, or start living the life she wants? She has to make a difficult choice. Or, is there perhaps a third option?


BOXED is a fictional short film set against the anguish and heartbreak of WWII, recounting the story of a husband-and-wife dance team and their journey in a boxcar on the brink of desperation.


Lemonia wants to escape from a traumatic force of violence against her that violates her right to life, as well as the right to enjoy life without discrimination. She demands an end to a situation that tests and undermines democracy and culture.


After a brutal attack destroys her unit, a wounded soldier makes a perilous journey through an unforgiving wilderness to end a war, aided by an enemy combatant she once scorned in the name of patriotism.


A young boy comes to the Friendship Settlement, where the Soviet builders of the Palace of Culture and Science lived in the 1950s, in search of accommodation for his grandparents from Ukraine. Here he meets a girl singing in the choir, who becomes his guide. Seemingly, it is a story about love that cannot happen because of the war in Ukraine, but more deeply it is a story about finding your identity. Music is an integral part of the film. It is not only the background of the events narrated in the film, but its equal protagonist.


“SODOM & GOMORRAH” is a story of Human Rights Abuse, Child Labor, Urban Migration, Environmental Pollution & Sexual Exploitation. It is an attempt to draw attention to the most POLLUTED land on earth inhabited by rural migrants. The Documentary is FILMED in AGBOGBLOSHIE SLUM OF SODOM & GOMORRAH with 2500 MIGRANTS from the hinterlands of Ghana, Togo, Cameroon & Nigeria. Narrate‹d by PROF. ADUGUZ & KAF JNR

Around the Same Table

"Relatives of patients sitting around the same table at different times; to solve problems in the most difficult periods of their lives; embark on an emotional journey toward each other's inner world."

For child never born

"A girl is seeing the loss of her father and her pregnant mother's effort that faces society problems. The girl is happy for her mother's pregnancy but it seems to be a mirage because she has to make big decisions."

Par Avion

An old lady sorts through used postcards from the booksellers on the Seine. Upon returning home, the old lady reads the bits of text on the back and imagines experiencing the image on the postcard from the point of view of the writer. She first looks at a postcard of the Arc de Triomphe written in the 1800's. The second postcard of the Eiffel Tower is from a lover after the end of World War II. Upon realizing that she is not imagining but truly entering the postcards, the old lady searches frantically through her pile. She finds one of Sacre Couer written by a little girl. She studies the postcard intently, is transformed into the little girl, and enters that world permanently.

Fallen Shadows At Sunset

"An Iranian Girl who gets pregnant and starts to punish herself in her own way because of the strict rules of abortion in her culture. Starts from the end and the spot she gets in the trouble..."

Lost in L.A.

This powerful music video of the song Lost in LA, from the Motion Picture "Lost Angel" Directed by Keri Lurtz, shows Kahra in white and black symbolizing the journey of Samantha, caught in the grips of drug use. A sobering look into the realities of this path that leads to torn hearts and even death.

Thank God

Take a tour of downtown Chicago with Kahra & Bryant August singing about the craziness in the world, and how it's good to take a moment and just thank God even through your ups and downs. This is Kahra's first music video dedicated to God who makes all things possible, including this music video. Finding hope through life's chaos, that there is something we can hang on to, the love and faithfulness of that which is good or God in the universe.


Bee-bamboozled? Dedicated to #savethebees and #humanrights. Bees and other pollinators are declining in abundance in many parts of the world. "Honeybee" is dedicated to the proliferation of bees and informing people how essential they are to the entire food chain. Honey, saving the bees can save our planet! If the bee disappears from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than 4 years left to live. -Albert Einstein HONEYBEE LYRICS: (Chorus 1:K&B) Honey bee, be my honeybee Bee bamboozled from your head to your feet Your honey so sticky tastes sweet Be my honey bee (Repeat) (Verse 1:K) Busy bees buzzin’ I love the sound Said the Queen to me What would the world be with no honey? Well, it wouldn’t be sweet (Pre-Chorus: K&B) Honeybee, (you got) hive mentality (groupthink) They steal to eat your honey (While you) collect nectar for free, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah (Chorus 1:K&B) (Repeat) (Verse 2:B) Busy bees buzzing make the world-go round Said banksters n’ gangster to the Queen Smoke ‘em docile as we take their honey, uh Take their energy (Pre-Chorus: K&B) Honeybee, (you got) hive mentality (groupthink) No questioning of authority (As they) create reality yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah (Chorus 2: K&B) Honeybee, Are we just honeybees? Bee bamboozled from our head to our feet? Our energy they need to eat Don’t be their worker bee (Repeat) (Bridge:B) Spelling bee, yeah… spell out your name Fame with no shame, just a victim to the game Harvesting energy to boost up their hive Hexagon shape, try to stay alive Days of the week, hustle hard make us weak Dazed out busy, no words to speak Cut a fiber optic wire, never wanna be a liar Got smoked out, time to put out their fire (Instrumental: Guitars) (Chorus 1:K&B) (Chorus 2:K&B)


This is a story about a young performing arts couple learning about life under the spotlight, their search for balance between ambition and togetherness, and the price of fame.

Blxck Cxsper

Blxck Cxsper is the most wanted anti-superhero in town. He fights against the injustice and hypocrisy of the system. He communicates with his audience by slipping coded messages through the darkness. Previously called The Flare, he worked under the tutelage of another superhero, Citadel, a symbol of American capitalism. The latter murdered The Flare's girlfriend in front of him. Overcome by pain, he disappeared and turned to the dark side. He was accused of the murder and tracked by the most influential organization in the country, "The Legacy Foundation". After several months he decided to return to take revenge with his new skills, controlling the dark and the light.


A woman that lives in war-time decides to smuggle gold for profit, but faces problems.

Hero Hero

The song, "Hero Hero" is about a boy who discovers a mysterious Vinyl record that transports him to a place where he will be tested to see if he’s fit to become the next hero. The genre consists of psycho-somatic Japanese hip hop that plays within sounds of chill, psychedelic instrumentals and bassy feels. This music is intended to put the listeners into a “Hypnotic state” as they transport into another world where they can temporarily escape reality. As music is a universal language, our purpose is to have listeners vibe together even though the lyrics are culturally foreign to them. This music video enacts a unique storyline that implements Japanese cultural influences, and modern hip hop and choreography that are respected and appreciated.