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awards 2022

Open Dialogues: Black Voices | Black Stories

The Art and Culture Center/Hollywood’s documentary short film Open Dialogues: Black Voices | Black Stories focuses on what social justice looks and feels like for Black Americans, as told through the narratives and performances of eight community leaders in Broward County. Directed, photographed, and edited by award-winning filmmaker Freddy Rodriguez, Black Voices | Black Stories is a collaboration between the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood and 66 Films to inspire conversation about racial inequity and systemic injustice for the African diaspora in South Florida. The eight community leaders selected for on-camera interviews and performances represent a diverse range of work/life experiences from such fields as law, education, medicine, public policy, and the arts. They are Darius V. Daughtry, Henry Graham, Yolanda Cash Jackson, Esq., Rudy Jean-Bart, Niki Lopez, David Weaver, Venis Wilder, M.D., and Natacha J. Yacinthe, Ph.D. The film includes a musical performance by violinist Ian Mann, written works by Daughtry and Jean-Bart, and music by Dr. Wilder performing as V. Tiarra. Open Dialogues: Black Voices | Black Stories is funded by an Art of Community grant from the Community Foundation of Broward. Support was provided by the following Funds at the Foundation: Helen and Frank Stoykov Charitable Endowment Fund, Ruth H. Brown Fund for the Arts, Dot and Keith Cobb Fund, and Mary and Alex Mackenzie Community Impact Fund.

Thumb War!

Christopher Guest would be proud of this mockumentary about competitive Thumb Wrestling!


In this mini documentary, Daisy details her Migration story from war-torn Hiroshima, Japan to Orlando, Florida, with artist, Jan Staniszkis, her Polish-born husband who shares Daisy's appreciation for the couple's unique blend of cultural diversity. This was a 72 hour film challenge.


Em is a young actress on the verge of a promising career, but her struggles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder threaten her dreams. When her acting begins to take off and a romance enters her life, Em’s intrusive thoughts grow louder, intruding on her ability to receive the things she most desires; a successful career and meaningful relationship. Afraid of rejection and ridicule Em is determined to hide her symptoms rather than open herself to help. With a real chance at happiness before her, can she overcome her fears to seize it?

A Morsel Of Love

An old man’s monotonous days are mostly spent on a house’s rooftop facing an old city. Until he hears a soft voice singing a folk love song and curiously follows the sound.

The Gift

It's Christmastime and Karl, a local vagabond, has come out from a night of drinking and happens upon a homeless child. After a short exchange, he discovers the child can see the future. The child laments their lack of Christmas presents and Karl schemes up a plan to get them both some Christmas cheer. How will it turn out?


This documentary is about Iranians who decided to have no children

Mermaid Tales

Do you believe mermaids actually exist? Three girls journey through a tropical forest to discover mythical mermaids at a lost magical secret blue lagoon

Mature Musical Pictures "Drones" (feat Brett Hestla) Official Music Video

Multiple marked people (male & female) @ different locations, running from drones. Panicked looking behind, over their head, and over their shoulder, running through different areas with lots of obstacles hiding from Drones.

TikTok Rollie Viet Mix MV

Do you ever wonder how your subconscious mind/un-conscious mind works? In this video, you will see how the mind of an average Joe works, the way he feels, acts, his secret desires, his needs, wants, conflicts, are all on display through the lenses of two AI generated images Da Vinci and Beethoven who happen to be present inside his "house" of thought as the plot is revealed. In hip hop/rap music, wordplays play an important role. Thus, the song title TikTok Rollie is a wordplay. This has four meanings. First, it could mean showing off a Rollie on TikTok, the social app. It could also mean a fake Rollie because a real Rollie rolls and doesn't make tick tock sounds. Third, it could mean inside/outside as tick-tock sounds come from the inside of a watch, whereas a Rollie is known for its luxury brand name. Fourth, it could mean new/old. In this MV we've decided to explore the meaning of a fake Rollie through multiple levels of plots which contradict one another which is a representation of common human's contradiction. After watching this video, one can't help but wonder we're also a TikTok Rollie at some point in our lives or multiple times in any given day. We may not like that particular person but on the outside we need to pretend we're so fond of him/her. Social norms force us to become a TikTok Rollie. Which social bullet will cause enough pain in our lives that will eventually be the only force that will wake us up from our dream state of mind?

Tales of Sunshine: Florida EcoStories

Through a meditative journey into the depths of Florida ecology, Tales of Sunshine observes the intimate and inspiring stories of four naturalists during the height of COVID-19. Explore the web of subtropical life with a conservation biologist, an ex-convict fisherman, a mermaid activist and a farm worker coalition leader.

Between Two Worlds

Amateur dancers from NYC's South Asian diaspora team up to form Junoon Performing Arts. Their mission is to build community by merging their love of Bollywood with their passion for Contemporary dance to both celebrate their heritage and address social issues that have personal resonance for them including terrorism, homophobia and domestic violence.

Droid Story

A family's droid goes out into the big big world.

The Escape

The patient in an insane asylum is given an injection to calm her down. She is left alone lying on the bed in a straitjacket overwhelmed with her hallucinations and memories. In the ward, another girl unexpectedly appears trying to bring the first one to consciousness.


The Governors wife, burdened with disturbing political secrets of corruption, realizes that freedom is a state of mind and all the money, power, and pretty dresses in the world can’t buy it for her.

Al Bahr

Elyes, 30-year-old electrical worker in a single-parent situation, a decided to accept the placement of his daughter, Zohra. But he has her nothing said. Yet there are only a few hours left before the separation.


The director lovingly describes Retribution as a cross between Saw and Promising Young Woman. This is a tale of vigilante justice and putting men in women's shoes. A man awakens to find himself restrained and recovering from an unknown procedure at the mercy of two mysterious women.


A mysterious visitor brings peace to a lonely man.

Deoch Dance

Deoch Dance centres around Sheila who is weighed down from the effects of living with active addiction.

The Truth About Happiness and Wellbeing

Numerous scientific studies show that the ability to be happy depends on actions and habits that are under our control. This film will help you understand the misconceptions about happiness and help you implement positive change in your life.

The SkunkApe

Bigfoot hunters Donny Jones and Skeeter find more than a Bigfoot in the swamps of Northwest Florida.

Forgotten Enchantress

After withstanding hurricanes, floods and other storms for 126 years, this Forgotten Enchantress faces the storm of destruction for commercial gain. Will the small team of compassionate citizens save her in time?

Lagrimas Negras by Jessi Campo

This is a cinematic video with an underlying storyline about a poker game and a girlfriend who doubts what is really going on.


Raheel , an Afghan national, has illegally traveled to Iran to look for her husband, but there comes up some problems that leave her no hope to move ahead.


A couple experience their first earthquake together after moving into their new apartment.

Pantanal: A Charred Wetland

Located in the heart of Brazil, the Pantanal is a tropical wetland packed with the most remarkable wildlife. It has a global importance due to its characteristic water cycle and annual floods, which create waterlogged soils that function as a carbon sink. The annual floods are also essential to maintain a huge diversity of unique species. However, due to human actions, the floods are now becoming smaller and rivers are drying out, which is causing severe droughts. The consequences of this became evident in 2020, when huge wildfires destroyed over a quarter of this biome, killing millions of animals along the way. Two brave locals – Eduarda and Jorge – decided to give their all to rescue and save the lives of severely injured animals along the way.

Ruby Holland Foundation Documentary

The Ruby Holland Foundation for the Arts was formally established in 2006 in honor and memory of our mother Martha Ruby Holland (Educator, Entrepreneur, and Humanitarian). This video will express the importance and impact of this organization and why funding is imperative to the lives of these gifted children.

Be Water - Andes to Amazonia

Water is the essence of all life. It draws the Earth and the history of mankind. But it can turn into danger and even poison The rivers of Bolivia, veins of the heart of South America, are turning black, red and even disappear


Fascinating drama about not everyone is trustworthy............ (The social issue movie centers around a poor woman)

Birthday Boy

An abusive dad gets his just desserts on his birthday.

Amy and Angel

Shy 16-year old Amy just wants to dance, but her deafness causes her dreams to be shattered when she is bullied out of dance class. Finding the most unbelievable new dance partner, her neighbors neglected dog, they perform a spectacular routine that lands them on a national TV talent show where they compete against her former dance crew.

Annabelle's Aerodynamic Car

11 year old Annabelle Sappor, was the finalist in the Young Pioneers BT Tech 4 Good Competition, in 2021 , her entry was for a 'wind powered car aptly named , Huracan,Makina, named after the Mayan God of Wind, and Makina, meaning car in Albanian. Annabelle is a very gifted young adult who could have a bright future , if she is mentored and sponsored. Her interests are Physics and Aerodynamics, she wanted to combine both her interests to create a design, that would make an impact on the world in a positive way.




A young Sikh boy Hardeep, loses his confidence during a battle rap where he is forced to face his own insecurities and feels humiliated after the rapper insults his turban and culture. His father attempts to rebuild his lost relationship with his son and restore his confidence by encouraging him and posting a video of Hardeep rapping in his room that goes viral. At first Hardeep is enraged but then after the appreciation and likes he receives, he faces his fears and goes back to the battle rap with full confidence. Hardeep and his father form a closer bond after this.


“THE UNKNOWN” takes place in this high-tech society where everyone is oblivious to their lack of privacy and freedom. A young man runs into a woman who is reported to be dead-causing him to fixate on finding the truth. In an unexpected place, he discovers a secret surveillance system that is being run by i-Tech. He becomes their new target, and his only hope is to escape.


Single father, Nelson, wakes up to his worst nightmare. His daughter Adriana was preyed upon by some not-so-scary-looking monsters online, and snatched into the dark underworld of human trafficking. After 12 days, the meaning of the word “Daddy” begins to blur for Adriana. Can she distinguish between the one who has her heart, and the one who hacked her mind?

Sun Tea

A doctor with an unusual way of remembering his patients finds himself unable to let go of one in particular.


A woman's secret relationships are exposed on the night of her birth as agents arrive -On Roy’s birthday night, who was celebrating with friends , the police came to her house that caused unexpected changes in her life.

A Trophy Wife's Code

You're not really broke if no one finds out.

Fork is tree

What if we know a fork, as a car or fruit or mom or tree.

Open House

If you thought elementary school open house was about the cute projects your kids made, this hilarious short about an optimistic first year teacher facing off with a conniving veteran will reveal the truth -- it's a comical Battle Royale!

Moving History

Look through the windows of the the first settlement home in the Crane Creek area of Melbourne, Florida, built by freed slaves, as many generations have done since the 1800s, until a small group of dedicated volunteers acted quickly to save this original, historical shotgun house from demolition and share its history surrounding it with the world


The first black woman in the Royal Air Force, Lilian Bader, challenges the history books. Both she and her husband fought in WW2 yet there arent any pictures of the contribution of black servicemen and women. Fifteen years after the war , Edith a person she had tried to help, arrives at her door and brings new challenges. During the war years, Edith was trouble. Now, she stands before Lilian in a twin set and pearls. Why is she there? and why now?