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May 22nd - 29th, 2022

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The Hope Excellence Award: Just Another Dream

Brava Di Bello: The Reunion

Syble G. Award for Lifetime Documentary: An Artist’s Journey from China to America

Best Picture: Just Another Dream

Best of Fest: World Cup

Best Actress: Deepa Kiran- Rimi

Best Actor: Niko Ravel- Scrapt

Best Supporting Actor: Terrance Richardson- Caroline

Best Director: Blessing Egbe- Coat of Alms

Best Editor: Amir Adib Parvar- Unsettled

Best Cinematography: Aleksei Podturkin- Impasse

Best Costume: Kali Mah Tina

Best Musical Score: Mother, Daughter, Holly Spirit

Best Music Video: Glimmer

Best no/lo Short: Block

Best Ensemble Cast: Forbidden Birth

Best Animated Short: The Boy and the Mountain

Best Short Film: Evolution of Women

Best Short Comedy: Mate & Date

Best Screenplay: Victor

Best Documentary: Duchenne Boys

Best First-time Filmmaker: Andriana Andrea Morey- Sabor A Ti

Best Performance Film: La Que Es

Best Family Film: Just Like You

Biggest Social Impact: The Impact

Best of Africa: Illusion

Best Short Narrative: How Long?

Best short Film Noir: Do you believe me now

Best Original Story: Beneath the Sound

Best Foreign Language Film: 12 o’Clock

Best Visual Effects: Bloom

Best of Lockdown: (Dis)Connected

Best Original Score: Christmas Freak

Best of Florida Dramatic Short: Simulacrum

Best of Florida Documentary: Fellowship of the Springs

Best of Florida Music Video: Counterfeits of Control

Best Student Short Film: AD[HD]

Best Student no/lo Short: Cyber-ex

Best Student Dramatic Short: Queen

Best STUDENT Music Video: Love is Meant for You

Best Student First-time Filmmaker: Jenny’s Vision

Best of Lockdown Student Film: Tock (Poster Requested)

FLOW Family Award: Feet

World Premieres

Mid Life Conversations

Days Of Distancing: Olivia

Spiritual Paranoia

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