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About Us

Kimberly Douglas

How FLOW came to be

Hollywood film industry veteran Kimberly Douglas and Australian local film leader Tiffany Porter met while working for a local Miami film festival, and immediately saw a kindred spirit in the other with a go-getting attitude and a passion for film and the participation of all demographics.

Both seeing and facing the discrimination and barriers that women face in the film industry, this dynamic duo teamed up to do something about it. With Kimberly's many contacts in the film industry, and Tiffany's unique out of the box thinking, they moved to make their ambition a reality.

Now joined by a host of excellent film industry contacts as board members and supporters, FLOW Expo and Film Festival is positioned to become a leading film festival both in North America and globally, and THE leading film festival highlighting and giving opportunities to women film-makers in the world.

Tiffany Porter

Our Mission

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